Published 7th February 2019 by

Carer or Career? Hundreds of carers feel pressure to quit their job. A report from Carers UK has revealed that more than 600 people per day feel the need to leave their job due to the demands of being a carer. In the past two years, almost half a million people have left their job to look after an elderly, disabled or mentally or physically ill relative.

Estimations from the report suggest nearly five million people are trying to balance being a carer and having a career. These numbers have gone up by almost two million in eight years: in 2011 there were roughly three million people balancing their caring role with work.

Carers UK claims this shows a need for workplaces to be more compassionate towards carers and calls for more flexibility. Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, says when 15% of the UK’s employees are “working and caring” more needs to be implemented in the way of support.

The charity is calling for employment rights to formally recognise the needs of carers. This could include measure such as providing five to 10 days per year of paid leave for carers.

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