This is the ‘engine’ of our service, looking at how effective Carers Matter Norfolk is at supporting you and other carers. They do this by reviewing and assessing all service performance information. We present this information to the group in a written report with tables and graphs in a form that is determined by the carer members. They can ask for all and any information needed to see how we can better support carers, where we are doing well and the areas/ways in which we need to improve.

The group also leads on service development, feeding into and reviewing all service plans. Carers Matter Norfolk can draw down on development and innovation funding from Norfolk County Council every six months. This enables us to respond to what matters to you and other carers by testing out pilots of new and different forms of support. This process is driven and led by carers through this group.

The carers will draw on their own lived experience of caring and the views of others, to work with officers to shape and develop the plans to submit to Norfolk County Council.

This group also works with officers to produce an annual Carers Influence report, mapping how carers have led and influenced the shape and delivery of the Carers Matter Norfolk service. They will make suggestions on how we could continue to increase the numbers of carers influencing the direction of the service.


  • Co-Chairs: Mary Russell (Carer) and Sharon Brooks (Co-Production Lead)
  • Vice-Chair: Jay Page (Carer)
  • Dan Ward, Carer
  • Mary Ledgard, Carer
  • Kevin Vaughan, Service Manager
  • Maria Plumb, Deputy Service Manager
  • Sophie Gower, Family Carer Support Manager
  • Diane Sutcliffe, Senior Carer Connector (Adults Lead)


Costessey Centre. 1 Longwater Lane, Costessey, Norwich, NR8

All meetings are from 10.30am – 1:30pm.

Meeting dates in 2020:

  • TBC

We are actively looking to increase the number of carer members on the Performance and Development Group by 4-6 people. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Sharon Brooks, Co-Chair and Co-Production Lead on 07506 768405 or