Published 9th September 2021 by

Mobilise, is an online service that harnesses the collective knowledge, wisdom and expertise of unpaid carers.

They have produced a practical guide, for carers who are supporting their cared-for through hospital discharge. This guide is growing all the time, and if you’re an unpaid carer with experience to share, please get in touch at with them.

You can find the guide and more at

Here is just some of what the guide covers from carers in the Mobilise community:

  • What does a good hospital discharge process look like?
  • How long does hospital discharge take?
  • What is a hospital discharge assessment?
  • Can a hospital discharge you if there is nowhere to go?
  • Can we refuse discharge from hospital?
  • What funding is there for free care after hospital discharge?
  • Carers’ top tips for smooth hospital discharge

Carers Matter Norfolk also have information on hospital admission and discharge planning at