As a Carer, you are an ‘expert’ through your ‘lived experience’ of caring and should be able to have a say in services, policies and decisions that affect you and the people that you care for. We call this the ‘Carers Voice’. Carers Matter Norfolk is a Carer-led service; carers are involved in decisions at every level. From helping us to decide how we should use our time and resources to best meet your needs and those of other carers, to looking at how effective we are in what we do.

There are a variety of ways that you can get involved in shaping the Carers Matter Norfolk service from taking part in workshops, service involvement groups and Carers Locality Networks.

We know that not everyone can attend meetings in person or those held during the day so some meetings are held on Zoom. If you cannot attend a meeting in person or online, please still feel free to contact us to make any views or concerns you have known to us. Our Membership and Voice Team are also keen to hear from you on how we can make it easier for you get involved and have your voice heard.

Carers tell us it’s important to them that services and organisations are open and transparent in their decision-making and the way in which they deliver their services. We share the minutes of all our involvement meetings and workshops via email with all our members so you can see how we work and the way in which carers shape our services. The dates of our involvement groups and locality meetings are listed on the Carers Voice and Events sections of this website.

Carers Voice is led within Carers Matter Norfolk by Carers Voice Norfolk & Waveney, a user-led organisation providing the independent voice of carers. Its vision is to ensure that unpaid carers throughout Norfolk are valued, recognised and supported with equal access to a good quality of life that is not prejudiced by their caring role. Together, we are working to improve the health and wellbeing of all carers in Norfolk through partnership working to ensure that the voice of carers is heard and listened to. Enabling support and services to be designed and delivered that reflect carers’ needs and interests.

This extends beyond Carers Matter Norfolk to health and social care services, social welfare (e.g. benefits and housing) support and anything else that affects you or the people you care for.

We encourage all services to work in co-production which means ‘delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours’.

Please look through the rest of our Carers Voice pages to find out more about free membership of Carers Voice Norfolk & Waveney, the benefits and details of the various groups and ways of having your voice heard and getting involved. See also