There are currently forums for carers with an interest in supporting, developing and providing feedback on the Carers Matter Norfolk service. These forums provide an opportunity to review all areas of the service, including:

  1. Advice Line, Online Services and Counselling
  2. Community Support (Family Carer Practitioners / Education & Training)
  3. Communications, Awareness and Engagement

Carers can discuss what matters to them about the Carers Matter Norfolk service and have an opportunity to co-develop solutions that flexibly adjust the offer to meet the changing needs of carers. Recommendations from the Carer Involvement Group are considered and signed-off by the carer-led Performance & Development Group.

Membership is open and not fixed (Carers can attend all meetings or drop in and out as suits their circumstances).


All carers and those working with carers are invited to join the workshops which involve co-producing the planning and delivery of events or an important resource e.g. The Carers Handbook

All meetings are from 10.30am-12.30pm: Carer to co-chair meeting with Co-Production Lead


Costessey Centre. 1 Longwater Lane, Costessey, Norwich, NR8 5AH

Meetings in 2020

  • 27th January – Carers Week Workshop
  • 16th March – Carers Week and User Involvement
  • 27th April – Carers Week and Carers Handbook Workshop
  • 18th May – User Involvement
  • 22nd June – Carers Handbbok and Carers Rights Day
  • 21st September – Carers Rights Day & User Involvement
  • 7th December – User Involvement