Expression of Interest for Carer Representatives

Effective and early support for Norfolk’s 99,000 informal carers is a high priority for Norfolk County Council and specifically for Adult Social Services. In Norfolk, we know there are an estimated 99,000 informal carers, and our ambition is to reach out to more of those who might need some support to improve outcomes for these carers and those they care for.

Norfolk has had an improvement plan for unpaid carers but it was identified that the pace of this improvement would not be adequate without a radically different approach.

In response we have created “Carers Matter Norfolk – A Transformation Programme for Carers” working in partnership with Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, an established not-for-profit social enterprise. Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, operating under the brand of Carers Matter Norfolk, will provide an enhanced service that will focus on carers and the support they to avoid a crisis happening.

Norfolk County Council is looking for two unpaid carers who would be interested in being part of the governance arrangements for this exciting programme.

The Requirements

We are looking for two carers who would represent the carers’ perspective on the Carers Advisory Board. The Board will provide strategic and practical guidance for the programme and will meet 4 times a year.

The Norfolk Carers Advisory Board will work collaboratively to maximise the success of Carers Matter Norfolk in achieving the aims of the transformation programme.

You will need to be interested and knowledgeable about the needs and experience of unpaid carers and willing to share your views, and those of other carers, with the Board to inform the development and operation of this crucial service for carers.

The first meeting will be held on the morning of 18 August 2020, using Microsoft Teams to facilitate a remote meeting. Recompense will be made for your time and involvement in the Board.

If you are interested, please contact Bethany Small at for an informal discussion or simply complete the form below by 5 August 2020 which will be sent directly to Bethany.

Terms Of Reference

Carers or anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who, due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction, cannot cope without their support are estimated to be almost 100,000 people in Norfolk. Often these are relatives who find it difficult to think of themselves as Carers, who look for support for their caring role only when they reach a crisis, however, if help and support are given early would be able to care for longer and both they and the person they care for would remain well for longer.

The Care Act 2014 gives the same rights to Carers as those given to the people they care for. Duties cover adults and adult Carers with some provision for the transition of children in need of care and support, parent Carers of children in need of care and support and young Carers.

NCC is committed to improving services provided to Carers through a partnership with Bridges Fund Management, the Life Chances Fund, Service Providers and Carers. Under the banner of ‘Carers Matter Norfolk’ a transformation Programme will deliver an improved service offer for all adult Carers across Norfolk.

Services have been commissioned, on an outcomes basis, to improve the service offering for Carers in Norfolk. All parties involved have worked closely together and determined that the key objectives of this work will be to:

  1. Identify more Carers across Norfolk, and better identify Carers that need the services the most
  2. Connect up NCC commissioned services to create a single, simplified pathway for Carers and reduce duplication
  3. Create a set of services that are person-centric and focus on building Carer resilience and wellbeing for those that most need it, with the longer-term impact of reducing breakdowns of the caring relationship
  4. Evaluate what works to create an evidence base that supports investment in Carers

This service will operate under the following principles:

  • The heart of the work is Carer-centric, aiming to improve the lives of Carers by improving their wellbeing and resilience
  • The service will be a true partnership between NCC, Bridges Fund Management, Delivery Partners and Carers in Norfolk
  • We want to iteratively improve the service offering over the life of the contract, testing what works and what does not; get beyond today’s service and the preconceptions of what Carers need to focus on what works
  • The front door of the service remains universal, with additional support offered to those that need it most

The Programme will ask local agencies to work with them to find ways to improve services for Carers. At the same time, the Programme will aim to address the challenges that Carers face in a collaborative, and responsive way that supports all adult Carers in Norfolk.

The Norfolk Carers Advisory Board will provide an advisory and strategic function for Carers Matter Norfolk and will work collaboratively to maximise the success of Carers Matter Norfolk in achieving the aims of the Programme.

The collective responsibilities of the Board will include:

  • To champion and promote the aims of Carers Matter Norfolk
  • To provide expertise, support and challenge on the development, mobilisation and delivery of the transformation Programme
  • Being open to doing things differently – explore and agree solutions to overcome key difficulties / barriers to the transformation Programme achieving the best possible outcomes for Norfolk Carers
  • Using the learning from the Carers Matter Norfolk Programme and other services to Carers nationally to influence local policy and practice so that our collective ‘system’ response to Carers can more effectively meet their needs;
  • Support a collective partnership response to any challenges and risks to the Programme that arise during mobilisation or post implementation.
  • Ensuring that the voice of Carers is represented within the overall partnership of services for Carers in Norfolk

The Board will meet once during the mobilisation phase (August 2020). NCP will go live in September 2020. Thereafter, the Board will meet quarterly (from November 2020).

Membership of the Board will be reviewed post implementation of Carers Matter Norfolk Transformation Programme (in November 2020) and at least annually thereafter.

If Board members are unable to attend (either in person or via dial-in), they will arrange for a substitute to attend on their behalf so that engagement and collaborative working across all key partners is sustained.

The Board will also engage as appropriate with other relevant stakeholders.

Expression of Interest

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