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What is it like caring for someone else?

Hear from carers talk about their lives, how they manage their caring roles and their messages for other carers.


Tom, a young adult carer, chats about his world caring for his mum for the past 15 years.

Ann Hacon

Ann really benefitted from her employer support during some difficult times, as a carer and employer there’s great value in working together.

Malcolm and Mary

A real insight into the lives of two carers from Norfolk and how they have and continue to manage their life circumstances.


Clare shares her story about caring for her husband with multiple sclerosis. The benefits of playing tennis and the influence its had in her and her families life.

Richard Leeds, Mayor of Cromer

Richard Leeds, the Mayor of Cromer, talks about how important and impactful relaxation time for carers is.


James talks about caring for his son who suffers from psychotic attacks and his experience recreational cannabis and how Carers Matter Norfolk have helped him.

Maria chats with Michelle

Maria, of Carers Matter Norfolk, chats with Michelle, an unpaid carer from Norwich, about how she met her husband in the TA and life now as his carer.

Mary Russell

72 year old Mary Russell tells her story as a carer, the difficulties of caring through different circumstances and the benefits of self help groups.


Carer Will shares his story about his partner Neil, who has Parkinson’s.