If you would like to become involved in the planning and development of services and support for carers and the people you care for, you may wish to join our Involvement Register. There are a wide variety of activities to get involved in, for example, offering your views and opinions at committees and groups, taking part in research, talking to the local media or getting involved in the training of local health and social care staff.

Carers we work with tell us how much they have enjoyed taking up the opportunities through the Involvement Register and how it has improved their confidence and self-esteem and given them new skills.

We can support you to take part in activities that do and don’t involve leaving your home. We know that it is not always easy for carers to leave the person they care for or leave the home and travel far because of their own needs.

By becoming a member, you could join one or more of the following activities:

  • Being asked about your experiences and views on services;
  • Reviewing and checking draft information for carers (e.g. leaflets);
  • Taking part in Research;
  • Talking to radio, newspaper or television journalists and sharing your lived experience of caring;
  • Attending Service Improvement and Development meetings;
  • Photographed for service publicity to raise awareness of support for carers;
  • Sharing your story – case study for training and awareness;
  • Delivering training to health and social care staff;
  • Helping to manage an information stall at local events;
  • Engaging and training local employers on carers awareness;
  • Giving information talks and carers awareness to local community groups;
  • Sitting on interview panels;
  • Providing 1:1 support to carers as a Carers Support Volunteer for Carers Matter Norfolk.

Often the local newspaper, radio or television organisations and stations will pick up a story about caring and, at short notice, ask us if they can speak to a local carer about their experiences. It is usually more powerful and impactful to hear from carers themselves about their experiences rather than always have a worker from a service, such as Carers Matter Norfolk, speak on behalf of carers. Sometimes it is useful for both to speak together and share their different perspectives on caring.

To find out more, contact Catherine Kennedy on 07932 095312 or Sophie Little on 07932 095260, or by email: catherinekennedy@carersvoice.org or sophielittle@carersvoice.org.