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Carers Matter Norfolk ran a course in Kings Lynn on 11th December 2018 to help carers become more confident when moving and handling the person they care for. Carers can often find themselves looking after family members or friends without any prior knowledge or experience and it can be a worry and a challenge. Carers don’t want to put their loved ones at risk and they also need to look after their own health.

Carers may end up helping the person they care for to get in and out of bed, up out of a chair, in and out of the bath/shower, in and out of a vehicle and up again after a fall. According to the NHS, common carer injuries include hurting your back, neck or shoulders. Incorrect moving and handling can also cause bruising and damage fragile skin.

The course on 11th December 2018 focused on ‘Safe Moving and Handling’ along with  ‘How to Look After Your Back.’ There were practical demonstrations and the chance to try things out and ask questions.

Confidence in Caring aims to provide helpful information on keeping the person you care for safe and keeping yourself healthy in the process. The course also provides an opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation. Caring for a family member can be quite isolating and peer support can be extremely valuable.

Confidence in Caring will take place from 1pm-2.30pm on Tuesday 11th December at Gaywood Library, River Lane, Kings Lynn PE30 4HD.

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