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Let’s Talk Money and Finance

If you care for someone you may be finding it difficult to manage your finances, you may have had to give up work, or you may be experiencing money worries in general. It is important to remember that there could be financial support available to you.

Carers Allowance

If you care for someone for at least 35 hours a week then you could be eligible for Carers allowance (currently £66.16 a week). To learn more or to apply for the Carers Allowance visit

To request a paper claim pack call

0800 731 0297

Carers Credit

If you aren’t eligible for Carers Allowance but you still care for someone for at least 20 hours a week the you could still be eligible for carers credit. Your income and savings will not affect your eligibility for this. To download the carers credit form, visit

Universal Credit

Universal credit is a payment to help out with living costs

To check your eligibility for universal credit visit

Family Fund

Family fund is the largest UK charity which provides grants for raising disabled or seriously ill children. It is specifically for low-income families and you can apply annually. To view the full eligibility criteria visit

Disabled Facilities Grant

A disabled facilities grant is a government funded grant to help with home adaptions such as stair lifts, widening of doors or a downstairs bathroom. Depending on income you may need to pay towards the cost of the work. The person applying must either own the property or be a council tenant. For more information on this visit

With the right information you can find the financial help to support yourself and your cared for. For more advice on money and finance for carers call our Advice Line on 0800 083 1148