Working with our partners, the Carers Voice Norfolk & Waveney, we campaign to improve the quality of support for Norfolk’s 100,000 carers and the people that they care for, working with healthcare professionals, politicians and the public. Through our campaigning work, we make sure that the voice of carers is heard by local government, the NHS and other organisations, ensuring that the decisions affecting the lives of carers have considered what really matters to them.

We do this by identifying and raising awareness of issues affecting carers and the people that they care for, developing practical solutions to these problems.  We co-develop solutions with carers who are ‘experts by experience’. We build support for our ideas and solutions amongst healthcare professionals, politicians and the public; making the change needed to achieve what matters to carers. We also work to help organisations become more carer friendly enabling them to recognise and support carers.

Below you will find information about our ongoing campaigns and projects; as well as a selection from the past where we have made a real difference.

COVID-19 Vaccination Support

Caring Together, who work in tandem with Carers Matter Norfolk, are currently providing free help to any carer who feels they will have challenges getting to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment, including with transport or due to leaving the person they look after, or with making the practical arrangements.

Free Wellbeing Packs

Two thousand additional Wellbeing Packs are being made available for unpaid carers, free of charge, after the first round of packs were taken up enthusiastically across Norfolk.

Anyone who would like to receive a pack free of charge can register their details online, where their details will be assessed. Those who are eligible will have a pack posted directly to their home. To apply for your wellbeing pack please click here.

Increasing support for Parent Carers

Part of the aim of Carers Week 2021 was to make carers ‘Visible and Valued’, which gave the opportunity for parent carers and professionals who work with parent carers or families to come and hear what parent carers had to say, and more importantly, help us identify what needs to happen next.

We held a session for parent carers in Norfolk, which included sharing the findings of a survey of parent carers on their experiences and priorities, as well as a session where people could discuss the next steps needed.

Likewise, we regularly post articles on upcoming events centred around caring.