Published 12th April 2019 by

Being a carer can sometimes be seriously challenging, and one of the biggest challenges of this is finding a balance between your caring role and the rest of your life. When caring begins to outweigh all other areas of life, things like a person’s social life, physical health, and mental health can suffer. It is important to keep balance in life in order to be the best carer that you can be while still caring for yourself and staying healthy.

Asking for help is difficult for anybody, but is crucial if you are a carer, because you can end up doing everything yourself. However, there is no question you know the person you care for the most. But at the same time, it is important to realize that sometimes you may need some more help and that it’s okay! Reaching out to friends or family members that may be able to help you out a few times a week can make a huge positive impact. Simply doing things like shopping, errands, and cooking really make a difference! By having a little bit of help with things like picking up milk from the shops, collecting prescriptions or even making lunch will give you time to do things for yourself.

One thing to keep a good life balance is through relaxation. Even if it is taking the time to paint your nails, watch that TV programme everyone is talking about or going out for a walk. taking the time out of your day to relax really make a positive impact on your life as a carer. There’s no secret that relaxation is calming, but it also is able to boost energy and will help you alleviate stress. Taking small ‘me time’ breaks each day can help you to be the best carer you can be and you’ll will be healthier and happier!