Community Support

A highly skilled and knowledgeable team of Carer Connectors, based in Early Help Hubs (District Council offices) and in Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services offices, deliver one-to-one support in the community.  They are supported by a team of Community Support Volunteers.

You can refer yourself direct to a Carer Connector through an Early Help Hub, meeting them at a community event or be referred via the Advice Line. Once you’ve received support from a Carer Connector, you can at a future date, re-refer yourself into the service by contacting them direct using the contact details they provided to you.

What we can offer

What we can offer Carer Connectors will offer: Preventative Assessments – tailored support to help you maintain your health and wellbeing and independence; Support Plan...
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What will happen

What will happen Before visiting, your Carer Connector will send you (by email or post) a ‘What Matters to Me’ assessment. This is a strengths-based tool which asks yo...
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