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Helpful, insightful and informative chat, where you can ask questions about the simple things carers can do to help their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

YouTube Videos

Local Counsellor Peter Frewer talks about the importance of looking after ourselves as Carers.

Counselling lead Sue Jay speaking about the counselling offer that is available to Carers.

Have you thought about how the food you eat can affect your mood? Our Counsellor Peter discusses some tips and foods to avoid!


Podcasts can be an easy and accessible way to learn about things that are important to you, while still being able to go about your day.

Listen anywhere and anytime, with new podcasts being added to the website each month! With topics all surrounding emotional wellbeing and wellness, you will be able to gain insight while also feeling supported in your caring role.

Enjoying the podcasts but still feeling like you need some extra support or guidance? Contact us at 0800 083 1148 to find out about other services provided, including one-to-one counselling.

Future Radio – Carers Matter with Kevin Vaughan

Kevin Vaughan discusses the type of support Carers Matter Norfolk can provide to Unpaid Carers in Norfolk. This includes the advice line, free counselling, carer connectors in the community, online support through the website and the support we can give to young carers.

How to combat tension with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Robin Howe reveals how you can use Progressive Muscle Relaxation to relieve muscle tension brought on by stress.

Losing your identity as a carer
Our counsellor Peter is here to discuss ways to cope, being a carer but also maintaining your own identity. Do you ever feel like you’ve lost part of your identity by becoming a carer? Do you miss doing activities like baking or painting because you don’t have enough time?  We’re here to help.

Visualisation: Helping calm yourself

Peter is here to walk us through a visualisation story to help calm us and help us leave some of our baggage on ‘the hill’.