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A look at wellbeing and managing your time effectively in order to look after your own needs as well as the person you are looking after.

A long look at the counselling offer for carers in the Norfolk area and managing stress to solve issues you may overcome.

A talk from Peter, and Allison, talking about main parts of addiction; and how to notice when you become addicted.

A talk on how to diet effectively in order to take care of your body and manage your mood in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Local Counsellor Peter Frewer talks about the importance of looking after ourselves as Carers and why it can help you as a carer.

Counselling lead Sue Jay speaking about the counselling offer that is available to help carers find cause of concerns and how to respond.

Have you thought about how the food you eat can affect your mood? Our Counsellor Peter discusses some tips and foods to avoid!