Counselling Hour

A look at wellbeing and managing your time effectively in order to look after your own needs as well as the person you are looking after.

A long look at the counselling offer for carers in the Norfolk area and managing stress to solve issues you may overcome.

A talk on how to diet effectively in order to take care of your body and manage your mood in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

A talk from Peter, and Allison, talking about main parts of addiction; and how to notice when you become addicted.

A talk from Peter and Laura, talking about anxiety and how it can affect you as a person or the person you are caring for.

Carers Stories

Tom, a young adult carer, chats about his world caring for his mum for the past 15 years. And how it has affected him in his day to day life over the years.

Ann really benefitted from her employer support during some difficult times, as a carer and employer there’s great value in working together.

A real insight into the lives of two carers, Malcolm and Mary, from Norfolk and how they have and continue to manage their life circumstances.

Maria, of Carers Matter Norfolk, chats with Michelle, an unpaid carer from Norwich, about how she met her husband in the TA and life now as his carer.

Carer Connector Stacy Robertson has a chat with Young Adult Carer Will about volunteering and what they both do.

Mary Russell shares her experiences of caring throughout her life and encourages other carers to open up to the support available to them.

James talks about his role as a carer and how finding the right support has helped his wellbeing.

Clare talks about caring for her husband and shares advice on the importance of building a network of support among friends and other carers.

 Wellbeing and Self-Help

A brief tutorial on how to access and use the Self-Help Hub on the Carers Matter Norfolk website.

Local Counsellor Peter Frewer talks about the importance of looking after ourselves as Carers and why it can help you as a carer.

For Mental Health Awareness Week and #MentalHealthMinute we wanted to show you how to do Diaphragmatic Breathing. This technique can help you calm yourself down in times of stress. If you need someone to talk to, please call our helpline on 0800 083 1148 today.

Counselling lead Sue Jay speaking about the counselling offer that is available to help carers find cause of concerns and how to respond.

Have you thought about how the food you eat can affect your mood? Our Counsellor Peter discusses some tips and foods to avoid!

Services for Carers

Chris from Healthwatch talks about the ways that Healthwatch Norfolk supports Carers.

Mark discusses how Home Instead Senior Care provide specialised home care for those who are cared for.

There is some great Education and Training eLearning support available for Carers. Sarah Steele of Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support tells Maria of Carers Matter Norfolk more.

Carers Matter Norfolk Updates and Discussions

Kevin Vaughan chats with radio presenter Nick Conrad from BBC Radio Norfolk.

Richard Leeds, the Mayor of Cromer, talks about how important and impactful relaxation time for carers is.

Recently CarersMatterNorfolk received a very generous donation from Foster Solicitors for £1,558 which we will be leasing with local carers on how we should use this to help support them.

James Anthony from Carers Voice discusses the reasons why all groups in Norfolk should consider applying for Group Grants.