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April saw the launch of the universal offer of twice weekly lateral flow (LFD) tests to all adults in England. Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group are encouraging all adults to take up the universal offer of twice weekly testing and report their results at

Testing can be particularly useful and important if you are a carer looking after a family member or friend.

As more things start to open up and people start going out and meeting up with friends twice weekly tests help prevent outbreaks. The Norfolk County Council website guides people how to collect tests kits from any one of 158 pharmacies or 47 libraries across Norfolk and Waveney. You can go to Symptom-free coronavirus testing – Norfolk County Council or order online for home delivery at

More information

Symptom-free testing

  • Around one in three people with coronavirus do not have symptoms and can therefore spread the virus without knowing.
  • Symptom-free testing (also known as rapid testing or community testing) uses lateral flow device tests (LFDs) to identify people who do not have coronavirus symptoms but may be infectious.
  • This helps us identify and isolate more people who might spread coronavirus without knowing.
  • Lateral flow tests are safe, inexpensive and approved by the government.

About the lateral flow test (LFD) – the rapid test

For people who have no symptoms:

Polymerase Chain Reaction test – the laboratory test

For people who have symptoms or need to confirm a positive LFD test or travel abroad: