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The My Hospital Passport is designed to help autistic people to communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

To complete the passport, download the PDF from here, and then either complete it digitally or by hand.

It was developed in collaboration with The National Autistic Society. This passport is intended to help hospital staff provide you with care, both as an outpatient and as an inpatient. It is relatively simple to fill out, and you are able to specify things that might cause you distress, such as: finding some physical touch unpleasant, challenges swallowing pills and dislike of bright lights. You are also able to put other things about the individual including; specific meal time routines, particular interests, additional sensory needs, and spiritual or cultural needs, all of which need to be taken into consideration.

Once you have completed the passport, you should either staple the pages together to form a booklet or keep them in a clear plastic folder and take it with you whenever you visit hospital and show it to the doctors, nurses and any other healthcare professionals you come into contact with.

When admitted to hospital for treatment overnight or for a long stay, you should

-Give the passport to the doctor or nurse responsible for your care

-Ask them to make sure the passport is kept with the patient notes at the end of your bed.

For more information and guidance, please see the website: