Education & Training for Carers

Referrals to education and training courses are made through the Carers Matter Norfolk partnership. You need to register with Carers Matter Norfolk. You can contact them by signing up to register using this form and your referral will then be picked up by the Advice Line Team. An advisor will then contact you to talk through your caring role and establish whether you would benefit from one of the training sessions on offer.

If so, the advisor will refer you to a Family Carer Practitioner who will then share your application with Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support, who will contact you to give you details for attending the session.

We will provide free education and training sessions. The training schedule is listed below:

September – November 2020

  • Navigating the Health and Social Care system
  • Carers Checklist
  • The Carers Assessment

December- February 2020-2021

  • Needs Assessment
  • Finance and benefits
  • Choosing and financing a care home

March-May 2021

  • Wellbeing
  • Identifying and changing negative thinking
  • Managing loneliness

June-August 2021

  • Moving and positioning
  • Seated exercise
  • Assistive technology

Referrals to the training will be made directly from Family Carer Practitioners. If new carers attend any of the training sessions, we will support them to register for the Carers Matter Norfolk service.

We will also provide carers’ training events, including speakers and experts on range of topics, once every three months. These will be delivered in different localities, if face to face events are possible. This will be subject to COVID-19 risk assessments. If events remain online, these will be open to all carers across the whole county. We will work with the other partners to ensure that all Carers Matter Norfolk carers are aware of when the events are being held.

Education & Training for Carers Peer Support Groups

We can provide free education and training sessions to Carers Peer Support Groups across Norfolk. Topics could include:

  • Communications Skills
  • Health and Social Care System
  • Understanding Your Rights
  • Dealing with Loss
  • Meditation
  • Co-Counselling
  • Caring with Confidence