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The first draft of the Norfolk and Waveney strategy for adult mental health has now been published and they would like your views on the draft strategy. If you care for a family member with a mental health condition or use mental health services yourself, please do take a few minutes to fill in the survey. The survey is also open to GPs, health care professionals, those working in the voluntary sector, police or local government.

Thousands of local people and health care professional from Norfolk and Waveney helped to develop the first draft. From the views expressed so far, the vision of Norfolk and Waveney’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) is to develop and deliver ‘place based’ services in each of the following localities: Great Yarmouth & Waveney, North Norfolk, Norwich, South Norfolk and West Norfolk.

The following six points are the areas identified as needing improvement:

  1. Focus more on prevention and wellbeing
  2. Ensure clear routes into and through services and make these transparent to all
  3. Support the management of mental health issues in primary care settings
  4. Provide appropriate support to those in crisis
  5. Ensure effective in-patient care for those that really need it
  6. Ensure the system is focused on working in an integrated way to care for patient

To complete the survey and give your views, you’ll need to have a read of the draft strategy which is available on Healthwatch Norfolk’s website. Once you have read the document (there’s also an easy to read version), please fill in the survey below to express your thoughts:

Alternatively, you can write to NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group to express your views on the survey, using the following address: Freepost RTJE-GXBZ-CSJR, NHS Norwich CCG, Room 202, City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich, NR2 1NH.

Please circulate this information to any local people you feel would be interested in giving their views on the important matter that is mental health.