Published 3rd May 2023 by

Are you struggling to pay off your energy debt and finding it difficult to know where to turn for help?

The British Gas Energy Trust may be able to help you with their ‘Individual and Families Debt Write Off Fund.’

You do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply for the fund which is now open for applications. You can be a British Gas customer, or a customer from another supplier with arrears of up to £1,500.

However, if you are a Eon, Eon Next, EDF, Scottish Power and Octopus customer, you will need to apply to those suppliers directly because they will have their own funds to support you.

To apply for the fund, you must also meet the British Gas Energy Trust’s criteria which can be found on their website.

Click here for further information and how to apply for the fund.

Seeking financial advice

The British Gas Energy Trust encourages you to contact your local Money Advice Agency for help before applying for the fund.

If you gain advice from the agency on how you can manage your energy costs in the future, this will help your chances of receiving the ‘Individual and Families Debt Write Off Fund’.

Click here to find your local money advice agency or find online debt and money information at Turn2Us, Step Change and Citizens Advice websites.

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