We provide free telephone and online based counselling for caring related emotional issues (e.g. managing stress or loneliness resulting from caring or processing changes in roles and identities: now a carer and husband).  Counselling can also be accessed via Skype, Facetime, Twitter and Facebook. The number and duration of counselling sessions is agreed with the Carers Matter Norfolk Counselling Team and you and is based on need.

Our Counselling Team is led by Sue Jay, MBE, who has over twenty years’ experience of working in mental health services. Our Counsellors are either B.A.C.P (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited or enrolled on a course leading to accreditation.

The Carers Matter Norfolk Counselling Team works closely with the Norfolk & Waveney Wellbeing Service and will direct to this service if your they assess your emotional / psychological issues are not principally caring-related or that your needs would be better met through the Wellbeing offer.

“Upon referral to our Counselling Team, you will be sent a Core 34 Form which assess your emotional wellbeing. This form has 34 statements about how you have been OVER THE LAST WEEK. You are asked to read each statement and think how often you felt that way last week. Then to tick the box which is closest to this”

Your Counsellor will book another session with you at the end of your appointment if its needed. We ask that you try and keep to your agreed appointments and let us know if you need to cancel for whatever reason.

Counselling can be accessed via referral from the Advice Line or Community Support Team (Carer Connectors). The Advice Line and Community Support Teams also provides listening and lower-level emotional support

Counselling is not for everyone and that it works best when the person believes that it could help them.