Your health

Caring for someone can be rewarding but it can also be very tiring, putting a lot of demand on your physical energy. Carers often neglect their own health as they are busy caring and thinking about the person they care for. Often carers have little free time and stop doing things that they enjoy, have time to sit down for a meal or see their doctor for their own health needs.

Research has found that caring for others can have a major impact on a person’s health. If you are a carer, you are more likely to be in poor health than people without caring responsibilities. It’s really important that you look after your own health and build in time for yourself.

Caring for your back

Caring for your back Back pain is common among carers. As a carer you may need to move and lift the person you care for and this can place a lot of strain on your back. Nu...
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Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient Records Looking after someone can take up a lot of time. You may not feel you have enough time to sit in a queue, on the phone to your GP practice to ge...
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Flu Jab

Flu Jab The seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and the person you care for from flu, and will prevent you being stopped from being able to care. If y...
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Help from your GP

Help from your GP Carers sometimes carry on regardless through coughs, flu, stomach upsets and worse. It’s important though not to seeing your doctor if you feel unwell ...
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Sleep If you’re a carer, you may be having broken nights or not enough sleep. The occasional disturbed night you can probably keep going the following day but if it beco...
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