The purpose of the fund is to improve the health and wellbeing of you as a carer and to support you in your caring role.

Carers who have completed a Carer’s Assessment and Action Plan with a Family Carer Practitioner will be able to access the fund.  The fund is there for the benefit of the carer, so unfortunately it would not be able to fund support for the person you care for.

As part of your Carer’s Assessment the Family Carer Practitioner will look to see if the fund could be used to help benefit you.  It can be used for items or services who can help support your mental or physical wellbeing, your caring role, assist you to manage at home, to access some time for yourself, provide help looking at your finances or if you would like some help getting back into work.

You will also be able to spend some time with your Family Carer Practitioner to explore if there are other grants available who could fund the item or support you need, or if you are able to either partly or wholly fund it yourself.  This could enable you to be able to access other grants or benefits you hadn’t considered before.

Some examples might include:

  • Exercise classes
  • Meditation sessions
  • CBT sessions
  • Tablet to contact friends / access support
  • Moving and assisting training
  • Employing a gardener / cleaner
  • Furniture / appliance to make home life easier
  • Event tickets
  • Travel tickets
  • Counselling sessions
  • Group carer event
  • Debt advice
  • Budgeting classes
  • Interview clothing
  • Interview training
  • Careers advice.