Carer breaks provide a personalised, flexible break from caring.

A break should make a positive difference to you as a carer in one of the following ways:

  • Improving your physical and emotional wellbeing
  • More opportunities for you to have a life outside of caring
  • Being more able to sustain your caring role
  • Being able to take more control of your life.

What your break might involve:

  • Support for the person you care for at home, or for them to go out into the community. This could be with or without you.
  • Care being provided in the home or community so you can go out, or have time to yourself or with friends.
  • Care for the person you care for in the community could include them going to a day centre. Or it could be you and the person you care for doing an activity together.
  • Practical help around the home or with shopping.
  • Giving you time away for a holiday or short break. This may be with or without the person you care for.
  • Time together for you as a whole family.

This might be combined with, or topped up with, other support if needed. Or your break could be instead of, or as well as, other support.

How to be referred for a Carer break

Referrals are made through the Carers Matter Norfolk partnership. You need to register with Carers Matter Norfolk. You can contact them by signing up to register using this form and your referral will then be picked up by the Advice Line Team and an advisor will contact you to talk through your caring role and establish whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria for a carers break.

If eligible for a carers break, the advisor will refer you to a Carer Connector who will then share your application with Caring Together, who will contact you to arrange for one of Caring Together’s team to come out and discuss how best to support you. They will also discuss details of the break with you at this stage, including the date and time. Other family members can be there for this session so they are involved if you wish.

They will discuss the planned break, time and date with you, and talk about what is needed and possible. As well as a care plan they will also produce a risk assessment.

Who is eligible for a Carer break

The priority will be:

  • Carers who are less likely to access traditional services.
  • Carers who are under the most stress and may be unable to continue in their caring role without this support.
  • Those who have little or no immediate support available from other sources.

These breaks are for adult carers, who are caring for someone over 18 years old.