Published 16th September 2021 by

Carers often have queries about Attendance Allowance, Mobilise have pulled together a guide specifically to help carers with this topic. Mobilise, is an online service that harnesses the collective knowledge, wisdom and expertise of unpaid carers. Their guide to Attendance Allowance can be found at and it covers the subjects of:

  • What is Attendance Allowance?
  • Is the person I care for eligible for Attendance Allowance?
  • How much is Attendance Allowance?
  • How long does it take to get Attendance Allowance?
  • Attendance Allowance for carers
  • Can I claim Carers’ Allowance if the person I care for has Attendance Allowance?
  • How can I support the person I care for to apply for Attendance Allowance?
  • What if the person I care for won’t complete the Attendance Allowance form?
  • Tips for carers completing the Attendance Allowance form
  • Where do I send the Attendance Allowance form?
  • Attendance Allowance, change of circumstances
  • What is the Attendance Allowance phone number?
  • Can Attendance Allowance be backdated?
  • Can Attendance Allowance be paid if the person I care for goes into a care home or hospital?
  • Will Attendance Allowance affect the pension credit of the person I care for?
  • Can the person I care for apply for Attendance Allowance and PIP?