Published 12th April 2023 by

The diagnosis of vision impairment can have significant emotional and mental health impacts on people and their significant others.

Research is being done to explore these challenges and establish what types of support might be most helpful during adjustment to vision loss.

People who are the ‘significant other’ of someone who has received a diagnosis of vision impairment are being invited to an online focus group.

This will give the opportunity to discuss their experiences of being the significant other of a person receiving the diagnosis and adjusting to vision loss.

The researchers will also be asking for recommendations about the types of support which might be helpful for significant others at various stages of the experience.

The focus groups will be held on Monday 24th April @ 12.30pm-2pm and Wednesday 26th April @ 4pm-5.30pm

If you are interested in taking part in the focus group discussions or have questions about this study, contact:

To find out more about this research you can click here to download more details {PDF,100kB]