Published 12th October 2023 by

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust are holding a series of six online workshops for carers, family and friends. The workshop has been designed for family, friends, and partners (18+), who are supporting other adults (18+) with, or awaiting assessment for, personality disorder / complex emotional and relational needs, in Norfolk or Suffolk.

The workshop has been developed in collaboration with carers and people with lived experience throughout. The aim is to bring people together to support and learn from one another in an inclusive atmosphere, explore topics and skills of interest, and offer a space for meaningful conversations about the experience of caring for someone.
Topics that will be covered include:

  • Exploring personality, personality disorder and complex emotional & relational needs
  • Supporting someone experiencing difficult emotions
  • Validation and containment
  • Recovery, discovery, and management
  • Walking the middle path
  • Boundaries
  • Advocacy
  • Sharing resources, ideas, and advice
  • Looking after ourselves in the short and long term
  • And much more…

Emotive subjects often come up in these workshops, so please bear this in mind. Although the sessions will aim to have support for each other, this is not a crisis or emergency service for urgent issues.
Courses are run based on demand. If you are interested, please email with your name, contact details, the reason you wish to join, and confirming you and your person are over 18.