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As an unpaid carer, the East of England Association of Adult Directors of Social Services (ADASS) would like to welcome you to their online carers event to be held on 24 January 2024. The event is themed around the importance of ‘listening and responding to the needs of unpaid carers’.

They are inviting all carers, carer’s organisations, and commissioners to this third annual event. The day will be hosted by Simon Stockton and a carer in the East of England, Sherone Phillips who is also a National Voices Trustee.

What will you gain from the day:

  • Meet like minded people over a cup of tea
  • Opportunity to listen and have a sing along with a choir (you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to)
  • Hear about the success and challenges across the East and what it is like for carers, carers organisations and local authority commissioners
  • Hear from several key speakers including people who are accessing care and support or who have experience of being a carer.
  • Hear about examples of engagement work happening in local authorities across the East.
  • Help to influence and shape the work of the East of England Carers Network across the next year.

Who is the event for?
This event is for people who are caring for loved ones as well as those who are working with and supporting informal carers.

Why come along?
ADASS would like to provide an opportunity for people to share their experience and to help influence the work of the region which will in turn also improve local delivery.

Recording of the day
ADASS will not record the day, but they intend to provide some graphics which explain the key messages from the event, the presentations from the day and they will also undertake an evaluation so they can learn and improve our events going forward. All material can be used in local work and shared.

Final comments

The ADASS will make sure you can break away from your computer when you need to and will give everyone the opportunity to have their say if they wish to contribute to the day.

Please come along, if you find once online, the event is not for you, then please feed that back. If you don’t come along, you won’t know what you are missing!

Please click here for booking and more details

If you have any queries, please email Jayne Cole, Events Manager, East of England LGA, email;