Published 30th January 2022 by

Are you over 18-years-old and care for a family member, friend, or neighbour who experiences mental ill-health? Would you like to attend a free course which focuses on teaching about the recovery concept by combining both virtual face-to-face and independent online learning?

The ‘Learning about recovery: its impact on the caring process’ is a free online programme provided by Anglia Ruskin University. There are five sessions with the first session taking place on 25 April 2022.

The programme focuses on recovery, meaning that the person you care for can live a purposeful life despite having a mental health condition.

The programme may help you care more effectively and understand the experiences of the person you care for better. To be eligible for the programme, the person you support should experience a serious mental illness such as psychosis, schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder (but not forms of dementia). The person may or may not have a diagnosis and they do not have to be accessing service.

For further information and to register for the free course contact Dr Joanna Fox, call 01223 698939 or email

The programme is part of a research project and Dr Fox will be evaluating its effectiveness.

Download Learning about recovery: its impact on the caring process [PDF, 780kb]