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If you have problems getting online or using digital technology Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS): support for the digitally excluded can help you.

Norfolk Assistance Scheme can offer reconditioned laptops, smart phones, or access to WiFi, broadband dongles/routers.

Situations in which they can help include if you are in need of this type of support for:

  • applying for jobs
  • online courses/training
  • isolation/Living remotely and need to order groceries to be delivered (as applicants don’t have access to a car)
  • home-schooling
  • keeping in touch with friends and family (especially if COVID vulnerable/socially isolated)
  • engaging with support/Medical appointments

More than 90,000 homes in Norfolk have none or very limited access to the internet. Research has shown that almost a quarter of the county’s homes are defined as ‘digitally excluded’.

Norfolk Assistance Scheme also works in partnership with:

To make an application call 0344 800 8020 or go to