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Dementia Adventure have free online training specifically for carers of someone living with dementia available.

There are three topics:

Thinking differently about dementia (2 hours)

This is the initial core training. It includes:

  • Understanding dementia and the common symptoms
  • How dementia affects the senses, communication and behaviour
  • The importance of continuing to ‘see’ the person (and not the condition)
  • Practical ways to connect with a person with dementia
  • Strategies to overcome communication barriers
  • Solutions for adapting the environment.
  • The benefits of a connection with nature and the outdoors

Mood and motivation (1.5 hours)

This follows on from the core session and includes:

  • The benefits of nature and the outdoors
  • Considering the ‘lived experience’, by hearing tips from people living with dementia
  • Why a person may have low mood
  • Strategies to inspire
  • Working together
  • Communication
  • Group discussion
  • Resources

Nature is calling online drop-in sessions

These include:

  • Understanding the health and wellbeing benefits of nature.
  • Overcoming the mental and physical barriers to accessing the outdoors.
  • Offering practical guidance to build your confidence and on planning your outing.

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