At Carers Matter Norfolk we know that caring can have a big impact on your everyday life. This can be your own health, finances, or opportunities to be involved in activities other people may take for granted – for leisure, education or employment.

Our vision is to create a world where carers are recognised, supported, valued and empowered to care with confidence and improve their health and wellbeing. We at Carers Matter Norfolk we can provide you with information, advice and guidance to help you better manage in your caring role. More than 400 people who are looking after someone contact us for help each month – and we are here to give support – you do not need to manage on your own.

All our services are free and available to people aged 18+ caring for another adult. Support is available to carers who
are caring for someone who lives in Norfolk. The support we are able to provide to carers is flexible in approach and tailored to meet what matters to you as an individual carer.

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Once you have contacted us for support (or been referred by a professional so we can help you) one of our team will get in touch to discuss your caring role in more detail so we understand your personal circumstances as a carer and chat through the help that will benefit you. If you need to speak to someone sooner, please do call the Advice Line on 0800 083 1148 – or if you have not yet let us know about your role as a carer you can do that by clicking here.

Talking to us about your caring role

Our advice line team are here to help you. Many of them have their own personal experiences of caring. It is free to call our Advice Line on 0800 083 1148 from both landline and mobile telephones. We can provide information, signposting and advice on issues such as:

  • Accessing local services and support, including Carer Peer Support Groups, dementia cafés or other local social activities
    or services
  • Carers’ rights (including employment)
  • Accessing health and social care services
  • Social welfare (benefits), legal and housing signposting
  • Equipment and adaptations, including assistive technology
  • Emergency planning.

If we identify you will benefit from additional support such as a Carer’s Assessment, counselling, access to the health and wellbeing fund, a break from your caring role or other support we can help you with this.

Your Carer’s Assessment

A Carer’s Assessment is your opportunity to discuss what support or services you need.

The assessment is not about judging how well you look after the cared-for person. It is your needs and what support will benefit you that are being assessed.

The assessment will look at how caring affects your life, including your physical and emotional health, and whether you are able or willing to carry on caring.

It explores what’s working well, your networks of support (e.g. family, friends and local community) and what’s important to you. It also explores what could be improved, and the possible solutions to achieve what matters to you.

We will look at all aspects of your health and wellbeing, from access to work, education, leisure and volunteering and time for yourself (which may include a Carer’s Break), to social and economic considerations, physical and mental health and personal and family relationships.

It is your choice whether you want to have a Carer’s Assessment or not. Find out more about having a Carer’s Assessment visit

A carer’s break

We understand how draining the caring role can sometimes get, especially if it’s full-time and you’re unable to get a break.

Carer breaks provide a personalised, flexible break from caring. A break could make a positive difference to you as a carer by improving your physical and emotional wellbeing, giving you more opportunities for you to have a life outside of caring, as well as helping you be more able to sustain your caring role in the long-term and prevent burnout.

You can find out more about a break here

Health and Wellbeing Fund

The purpose of our Health and Wellbeing Fund is to improve your health and wellbeing as a carer and to support you in your caring role. Carers who have completed a Carer’s Assessment and action plan are able to access the fund which is there for your benefit as a carer.

Find out more about our Health and Wellbeing Fund here

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Young carers and family support

If there is a young carer in your family, or you know a young person under the age of 19 who is regularly looking after a parent, grandparent or sibling who cannot manage without their support, help is available.

You can see information on Young Carers Matter Norfolk here

Are you ready for an emergency?

Being a carer can be difficult at the best of times, but what if something unexpected happened, to you or the person you are caring for? Planning ahead helps you and the person you care for. You can be prepared, know what to do and, if necessary, who to ask for help.

We recommend you get a carer’s emergency card (it’s free) if you have not already done so. This will help the person you care for if you’re caught up in an emergency.

We have more information on emergency planning here

To register for an emergency card please click here


If you are worried that an adult is at risk of harm, whether that be physical, including domestic violence, emotional or any other form of abuse, then call Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020.

If it’s not urgent, you can also complete an online form at

If the person is at immediate risk of harm, you should call 999.

You can also talk to any member of Carers Matter Norfolk staff if you have any concerns.

I was astonished by the range of support that is available for me call upon in caring for my husband. I have completed paperwork for an Emergency Plan if I become incapacitated and this is such a relief to me.


I was overwhelmed by the support and surprised at how much I opened up to a stranger on the phone. I did not realise I was holding so much in myself.


When I first spoke to Candice I was at my wits end. As a carer for my mum and with my own serious health issue I didn’t know where to turn.

Then I spoke to Candice!

She was understanding, supportive helpful and efficient. Her empathetic nature brought much needed relief to my position.

Totally Amazing Support

Karen was so supportive, understanding and informative.

She was really easy to speak to and gave me lots of useful advice…

I feel very supported and less worried.

Carer’s support

Feedback taken from HealthWatch Norfolk