Published 22nd November 2023 by

At Carers Matter Norfolk it is hugely important to us that the support we give to people in Norfolk who are looking after someone is as effective as possible. We want each unpaid carer to get the support and advice which is right for them.

Each of you who have used the service have helped us to understand more about the needs of carers in Norfolk, and what support is most important and valuable to you.

Since September 2020 we have worked hard to improve the service we provide. Part of this has been building our knowledge of which areas of support have been most needed and shown to be beneficial to carers who have used them. But we have also valued you giving your feedback on the specific services you have used, in focus groups, and in targeted surveys.

All of this means we are better able to understand the needs of local carers and what they have found most helpful, and better equipped to support other carers like you.

We have gone from less than 150 unpaid carers coming to us each month for support (through referrals or carers contacting us themselves) to being able to have more than 400 carers coming to us each month.

People looking after someone are now able to get the information and support needed more quickly. This includes carers being sent information specifically about what they say they need support with direct to their email inbox, as well as being able to get further support in these areas as needed.

For example, carers breaks, a health and wellbeing fund, direct referrals for financial advice (with NCAB) and referrals for counselling can now all be offered to those who need them.

  • If you know of people who need support in their caring role, please do encourage them to contact us
  • If you would like to make more people aware of the support offered by Carers Matter Norfolk we have posters and leaflets available on request from You can ask for printed copies or download them for sharing digitally.

If you are asked to feedback on a service you have used, or asked how you are now managing with your caring role, please do take the time to give that feedback if you are able to. It helps us to keep improving our service and focusing our resources on the support most relevant to carers.

I was overwhelmed by the support and surprised at how much I opened up to a stranger on the phone. I did not realise I was holding so much in myself.


Speaking on the ‘phone with Sarah was easy and very useful. I hadn’t really thought that I needed support or information, yet, but I came away with five helpful contacts. I also came away feeling reassured and confident. Thank you!

I wasn’t Sure I Needed Support!

I was astonished by the range of support that is available for me call upon in caring for my husband. I have completed paperwork for an Emergency Plan if I become incapacitated and this is such a relief to me.