What is a care needs assessment?

This is an assessment carried out by Norfolk County Council (NCC) to determine if someone has eligible social care needs, and to determine how these needs may need to be met, either by the local authority (NCC) or from family/friends or other local support.

If the person you care for has eligible needs, Norfolk County Council will also complete a financial assessment to determine how much the cared for person must contribute towards the cost of any social care they might require.

If the financial assessment determines that the cared for person has under the threshold of savings and capital, and that local authority support is required, NCC will then create a package of care for the cared for. This could include carers visiting each morning/lunch time/evening, day centres, activities, sit in services, and respite.

If the cared for person has over the threshold of savings and capital, then they will need to arrange and pay for any social care themselves. They are still legally entitled to have the needs assessment, and although Norfolk County Council will not necessarily arrange any care for them, but they may advise them on how much care would be suitable and will give them a list of home care providers.

You can read more on what a care needs assessment is here: The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK and here: www.norfolk.gov.uk/care-support-and-health/how-adult-social-care-works/getting-care-and-support/care-act-assessment

You can read more about the thresholds of savings and capital here: Paying for care at home | Age UK

(Thresholds – If a person has less than £23,250 in savings a capital then we would expect that NCC may provide a financial contribution towards their care. If they have over £23,250 in savings and capital, then we can be confident that NCC would deem them to be a self-funder, and that NCC will not provide a financial contribution toward their care.

When considering home care, day services and respite, the value of the property the person lives in is not considered as part of their savings and capital)  

Carers Matter Norfolk may refer to Norfolk County Council on your behalf, we aren’t able to provide you with any information around current waiting times for assessment. If you have not heard from Norfolk County Council after 6 weeks then please contact Norfolk County Council directly for an update.

Useful resource containing lists of home care agencies, day services and residential settings – Norfolk Adult Care and Support Guide | Publications | Care Choices

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