If someone you care for is admitted to hospital, there will be a need to consider how they will be supported when they are ready to return home. For example, their needs may have changed or they may require additional support.

It is your choice whether or not to take on or continue in a caring role.

You will need to consider the type and amount of support you can provide along with help that may be required. For instance, you may be able to help with shopping and meals, but perhaps both of you would prefer someone else to support with other tasks e.g. personal care.

If the person you care for is admitted to hospital Age UK and Carers UK have published information and advice:

A Carers Identity Passport that is recognised across healthcare settings in Norfolk is also beneficial, click here to find out more about the Carers Identity Passport.

If the person you care for is admitted to hospital and you want to know more about your rights and receive advice, information and support please see the following information:

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital:

James Paget University Hospital (Great Yarmouth):

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Kings Lynn):

Norfolk Community Health and Care:

Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust: