Published 1st March 2022 by

The Monument project at Norfolk County Council and The Nancy Oldfield Trust are offering a free boating adventure for carers, family and friends of people living with Dementia.

The taster session, which takes place on the beautiful waterways of Barton Broad on Tuesday 26 April, 1pm – 4pm, will give you the chance to relax, laugh and try a new skill.

On the day, you will be given help and guidance to try a Bass sailing boat, pedal boats and canoes.

Carers who attended previous sessions said they “loved the day” and added:

“I love opportunities to go out and try new things in a welcoming and supportive environment. I felt really safe and included.”

It is surprising how just a little help in the responsibility of caring goes a long way to improve mood and gives a feeling of optimism.”

“Many thanks for organising today. I had great fun and my Dad did too. Just to get him out of his chair and out of the house is an achievement.”

To find out more and to book your place email, or call: 01603 303378 or 01603 223146

Norfolk County Council and Nancy Oldfield Trust boating adventure for carers of someone living with Dementia