Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Young Carers Project (GYGYC) offers our support package to young carers aged 5 to 21 from across the borough of Great Yarmouth.

The support we offer these young people is one to one mentoring with a trained Youth Worker or a young carers support worker.

When the young person is referred to us, we review each case to ensure we are the right service to support then. We will then offer six mentoring sessions, if the young person requires more mental health support then we do have access to a counsellor, and alongside these sessions may be the chance to attend a Peer support group with other young carers who are the same age and who are in similar situations, these enable the young people to develop relationships with each other and the staff team, and to enable them to develop support networks both within the group setting and outside of the group.

Recently we have taken our groups swimming, held awareness sessions such as first aid, healthy and unhealthy relationships, bowling, quasar and meals out. The charity provides free transport and food and drink for the young people at each session.

We also have a Young People’s committee who are at the heart of everything we do and are heavily involved in the decision-making process within the Charity.

If you would like to refer your child/young person, we now only accept referrals from professionals, such as a Social Worker, Family Support Worker, GPs, schools, and Early Help.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please do contact us on the following.

Telephone us on 01493 650 056