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Many of us who are caring for someone do not see our selves as being an unpaid carer* – we may simply see ourselves as doing what anyone would do for someone we are close to. But that can mean people not realising there is support available to them.

We have released three animations that make people aware of what looking after someone may look like for them or someone they know, and that we at Carers Matter Norfolk are here to help.

Last month (January 2024) at Carers Matter Norfolk we had more than 500 unpaid carers come to us for support, but we want to make sure everyone in the county who is looking after another adult knows that we are here for them. The sooner people looking after someone get in touch with us the earlier they can get the support they need and this means they are less likely to feel they have to struggle on alone, or reach crisis.

You can view these videos, which have been funded by the Hardship Innovation Fund of the Broadland and South Norfolk Health and Wellbeing Partnerships, below and please do share them so that more people are aware that they or people around them may be looking after someone, and able to get support from Carers Matter Norfolk. To share the videos you can share the Facebook posts, or view them on YouTube and then click on the share button.

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*I care: Carers Week report on unpaid carer identification in 2023 found nearly three quarters of people (73 per cent) who currently provide unpaid care, or have provided care in the past, have never identified as or called themselves a carer.