A grant up to a maximum of £30,000 may be available from your local district council if you need to adapt your home to make it easier for a disabled person.  You may, for example, wish to:

  • Have easier access to and from the home (such as widening doors or installing ramps);
  • Make the home safe for them and others living with them (such as a specially adapted room where a disabled person could be left safely unattended or providing improved lighting for a disabled person with sight problems);
  • Have easier access to a living room;
  • Have easier access to, or providing, a bedroom;
  • Have easier access to a room in which there is a lavatory, bath or shower (such as by providing a stairlift);
  • By providing a room in which there is a lavatory, bath or shower, and wash-hand basin;
  • By improving or providing a suitable heating system;
  • Have easier access to prepare and cook food;
  • Use a source of power, light or heat (for example adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use);
  • Have easier access and movement around the home to enable the disabled person to care for someone dependent on them, who also lives there (such as a child, husband, wife or partner);
  • Have easier access to the garden or make access to the garden safe – the garden can include a yard, outhouse or other facility within the boundary of land attached to your home. It can also include a balcony or land next to the mooring of a houseboat.

How much you get depends on your household income and savings and there is normally an assessment of the person’s needs.  For more information contact your local district council who administer the grants.