Housing Benefit is a means-tested benefit.  The amount you can get depends on your (and any partner’s) income and capital.  You can get Housing Benefit if you are working, even if you are working full time.  The amount you can get also depends on whether you are in privately rented housing or social housing, and on who lives with you.

You claim Housing Benefit from your local council benefits department.  You should claim as soon as you think you may be eligible.  It can sometimes be backdated but any delay could mean you lose out.

In certain parts of the country working age people will have to claim Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit.  However, most carers are not yet affected by this.

You may be able to claim Housing Benefit if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You must be liable for rent at the property where you normally live.  It is often possible to continue to get Housing Benefit if you are temporarily absent.
  • You must not be in an ineligible group (this includes most students, most people who do not satisfy the residence and presence tests, most people who live with and pay rent to a close relative, and most people whose letting is not on a commercial basis).
  • You (and any partner) must have income and capital below a certain amount.

Housing Benefit is complicated to work out so contact Carers Matter Norfolk on 0800 083 1148 to discuss having a benefit check to work out how much you may be entitled to.

If you would like further information, click this link to go to the GOV UK Website.