Published 3rd June 2024 by

People are being asked to give their views on new NHS Constitution as part of a 10 year review. And for those of us who are looking after someone, this is an important opportunity to have our voices heard as subjects, including unpaid carers being involved in decisions that are being made, are part of what is being looked at.

The consultation explains, “The NHS Constitution sets out the principles, values, rights and pledges underpinning the NHS as a comprehensive health service, free at the point of use for all who need it.

“It empowers patients, staff and the public to know and exercise their rights in order to help drive improvements in quality, efficiency and responsiveness throughout the NHS. It brings together, in one place, existing rights as set out in various legislation. It does not, in itself, create new rights or replace existing ones.”

The Department of Health & social Care is asking people to give views on how best to change the NHS Constitution.

The consultation closes at 11:59pm on 25 June 2024. 

You can click here to read details about full consultation page before you complete the survey.

To give your views please click here