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Stroke Association is running a Stroke Information Programme which will take place on Zoom and run throughout September and October. It is a programme of 12 talks/workshops on a range of topics which are aimed primarily at stroke survivors and carers, but they are also happy for anyone who works with stroke survivors to attend the sessions. You can attend as few or many sessions as you wish.

It is completely free to attend and they can provide support with using Zoom if needed. You are invited to join any of the sessions you are interested in, regardless of which area you live in.

Please speak to Hannah Rushton (Peterborough, or Laura Mott (West Norfolk, to book your place on to our Zoom sessions.

Tuesday 5 Oct, 1-2pm – Fatigue awareness

This session will be joined by Occupational Therapist, Keri Smith. With around half of all stroke survivors being affected by fatigue, it is recognised what an important topic it is. Keri will explain what causes fatigue following a stroke and ways to help yourself and seek support.

Wednesday 6 Oct, 11am-12pm – Driving after a stroke

Returning to driving after a stroke is one of the topics Stroke Association are most frequently asked about. Stroke survivor and driving instructor Caroline Simpson will talk through the key questions you are likely to have, as well as touching on car adaptations and driving assessments.

Tuesday 12 Oct, 11am-1pm – Relaxation

Everything is done so much better from a place of relaxation. Why don’t you join this two-hour workshop and learn more about why relaxation is vital to both your physical and mental health. You will learn more about the role of the imagination in worrying and experience how using some simple relaxation techniques can help you gain control over those strong emotions.

Wednesday 13 Oct, 11am-12pm – Emotions and Wellbeing

This session will be joined by Clinical Psychologist and Lead Psychologist for Stroke and Neurology Service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Steve Green. Steve will guide everyone through the range of emotions that may arise after a stroke, and talk about what we can all do to look after ourselves, as well as when to seek help.

Tuesday 20 Oct, 11am-12pm – TBC

Wednesday 21 Oct, 11am-12pm – Memory and Attention

This session will be joined by stroke researcher Paola Finoia from Cambridge University. Paola will explain how a stroke can cause difficulties with memory and attention, and share some tips and strategies that can help.