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The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all of our lives, one way or another. It may be that your previous knowledge of support services is now out of date and you are finding it hard to work out who to turn to and how you go about it.

This is especially difficult if you are not online or you find your circumstances have changed, for example you are now caring for a family or friend. You may be grieving for a loved one and on top of that feeling lonely and isolated.

Members of the Tibenham Community Hall invite you to join them for a review of the Think Carers and Rural Loneliness and Isolation Programme meeting on Thursday 24 March 2022, 10am – 2pm.

The meeting will focus on how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted people and how it will affect future health and social care services. They will be looking at ways in which local people can come together and move forward from the pandemic. There will be a conversation around the following questions:

  • “Can we do more to help ourselves if it happens again?”
  • “Is there anybody out there who can help us plan and learn?”
  • How do we rebuild our network to meet our needs?

The meeting will also give everyone the chance to network with health and social care and voluntary organisations that offer help and information on the way forward after the Coronavirus pandemic. Information that can be shared with friends and neighbours in your local community.

The meeting takes place at Tibenham Community Hall, Pristow Green Lane, Tibenham, Norfolk NR16 1PX.

For further information, telephone 07786 568073 or email

Download the flyer for more information on the Think Carers Review Meeting [PDF,136kb]

Tibbenham Think Carers Review Meeting